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April 03, 2008



You and Phil are truly receiving a special blessing. Have a safe trip.

Ed & Heather

Watch out Kazakhstan - here come the Coovers again! :)

Ed and I wish you a safe, smooth, and joyous journey to FINALLY bring Brogan home.

- Heather


Yea almost baby time!!! I can't wait to come and see him when you get home. What a great age difference in our kids now you will alway's have a babysitter!!!!
Good luck on the flights to and from. I'm sure they will both be very INTERESTING, NERVOUS AND DIFFERENT!!!!
We Love you Both soooo much!!
LeLe, Uncle John, Joseph and Courtney


this is so cool you are on your way this is so cool i cannot wait till i see him
love gina


u guys are on the plane u are coming home with my brother i cannot wait to see himwell see u soon
love, gina

Ed & Heather

We keep checking your blog each day hoping for an update. You've been in our thoughts the whole time. We hope that everything has been going smoothly. In about 42 hours I'll be on my way back to Kazakhstan! Soon enough Brogan and Anna will get to have a Delfin Baby House reunion!!! -- Heather

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